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5554AU : Fabric Softener , 500 mL
Effectively softens clothes while reducing ironing time
Easy ironing with ultimate softness. An amazing new lavender fragranced fabric softener with built in highly effective ironing aid; it opens the way for easy ironing and ultimate softness for your clothes and towels.
Machine Wash: Pour 10mL - 20mL into dispenser or water of final rinse cycle.
Hand Wash: Pour 10mL - 20mL into final rinse water.
  • Free from tallow and great for those with sensitive skin
  • Light fragrance of lavender, rosemary and wormwood
  • Plant based ingredients make this great for the environment and ideal for use in septic tanks and in grey water systems
  • Conforms to the Australian Standard AS 4351 – Part 2 for biodegradability
  • In-built ironing aid reduces ironing time and actually repels dirt so clothes stay cleaner for longer
  • Softens towels without affecting absorbency
  • Super concentrated to last up to 50 washes
  • Anti-ingestion agent
  • Suitable for top and front end loading machines
Biodegradable:This product is biodegradable according to the Australian Standard AS 4351 - Part 2.

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Fabric Softener
500 mL
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